Sitting next to the Queen of Tech

So I'd consider myself part of the team now at Aberdeen City Council.  Ive managed to get into the swing of how things work, 


I have lots of new friends and colleagues, and I am really getting into the hot desking.  I get to sit in a different desk each day and get to sit with different people most days.  Although the folk I work with directly in the Team generally sit in the same area. 


I have had a few days working from home and its good.  Probably the easiest login from home I have ever had or used yet.  No hassle, no dongle, no phone app and no code to remember.



Some days I find myself sitting next to the Queen of Tech or princess Leia of ACC leading the rebel army on the war on embracing technology from the dark lords (you will know who you are). I get to hear all the great tech initiatives that are going on in Aberdeen and the City Council.  We met by coincidence just before I started at ACC when she was giving a talk at the Business Gateway Hub in Bridge of Don as part of the Elevator program.


A couple of interesting tech project I heard about this week are Smart Benches and City Lab.

Smart Benches

ACC have commissioned a couple of Smart Benches for Aberdeen City. They are solar powered smart phone recharging centers in the form of a park bench.  So if you are low or run out of charge you can pop by one of the benches, take a load off and recharge your phone.  This is a great concept and it will be good to see how they work and are used when installed. I do have concerns about a USB point exposed to the elements but I'm sure that has been thought of.


City Lab

The other initiative is City Lab, which is run jointly between The University of Aberdeen,  Robert Gordon’s University and ACC. It brings together students, ACC staff, and partner organisations for one term to design and build sustainable projects for the city.


ACC have identified areas where new projects would help the city and community. Student get to be creative by brainstorming and developing their ideas. I wish I could have had access to something like this when I studied at RGU.


Some of of the projects going through this scheme are: smart tiles that generate electricity by people walking on them to power traffic lights, smart school busses with teaching capacity, and smart signage.


This week I also got a sneaky peak at the new ACC website design.


I can't say too much but help came from a design agency called Screen Media. It was great being able to work with these guys and get an insight into the whole web design process.  


A lot of thought goes into layout, colours and accessibility. I was well impressed with the draft, and excited to be involved with the process so far. It also goes to show there is a lot more to good web design than code and a bit of CSS. I will keep you posted when it goes live.


The pics this week are not mine (I wish) I found them on display at the Brewdog next door to Marischal Collage. They are part of an Aberdeen Star Wars Exhibition.  Thought they were cool, and as ever I forgot to note who the artist is.  I like them though.


Thanks for reading...