Im going to be a CEO

So a job title describes someone’s job or position in a company. 


I have had quite a few over the years.


My earliest job title was when I was 15 as Sales Assistant in Boots the Chemist the Eastgate centre in Inverness (and yes after playing havoc with their computers I went on to work there) I worked on the record and photography counter.  I had a name badge with my position on it. Check me!


Next up I started working with my Dad in his own business (Tuckwell Cable Vision Enterprises) fitting TV and background music systems.  I didn't have an official title but was an Apprentice Engineer.  I learnt a lot about running in cables, using tools and connecting and commissioning systems.  We installed some of the first satellite dishes in the highlands, and at the time they were 1.8m across and came in petals.


I then went to University and became a Student, 2 summers were spent working with my Dad and I continued to be an Apprentice Engineer gaining more hands on skills.


In 3rd summer I was offered a job in the Highland council to be a IT assistant where I was responsible for maintaining network backups and doing print runs working on a shift rotation. I also became an expert in fixing the pole tax collating machine, which took ordered forms folded them and put them in envelopes.  It was temperamental to say the least.

I left the Highland council to work with Shell UK Exploration and Production and was lucky to get a years contract as a Technology Advisor working in a new technology department.  I would produce powerpoint presentations for my manager and test and advise people on new technology, mainly multimedia and video animations.  Towards the end of the year I had my own office with my name and job title on the door.  Not bad for 20 years old.  I was creating training videos using the multimedia equipment that ran on the department Apple Macintosh II, and yes the technology of the day was to record computer animations I created onto VHS tapes that could be played in the office and offshore.


My manager offered me an extension to create some additional videos, I was due to go back to university to complete my honours year.  But a chance to make some additional money as a student was too good to miss.  To work as a contractor for Shell I needed to create my own company so I could invoice them so I formed EngTech Enterprises, Just me making videos so I guess my title was Boss or Managing Director.  I made a couple of training videos during the year and supplied Shell with a couple of hundred copies on VHS.


On completion of my honours year I graduated and took a job with Aquidata Aberdeen. A small software company and I was employed as a Graduate Software Engineer.  I worked with a Vax VMS and Visual Basic Systems.


The following year I left to join Kvaerner FSSL as a Junior software Engineer.  It was not much of jump in title at the time but my options with Kvaerner seemed better and I was able to get more exposure to industrial controls.

I worked my way through the ranks as Kvaerner FSSL as it became Kvaerner Oil Field products, then Aker Kvaerner and then Aker Solutions.


I progressed from Junior Software Engineer to Software Engineer dropping the Junior bit.


I went on a secondment and became a Test Team Leader working shifts to test Norsk Hydro Troll C topside control system.


I became a Commissioning and Support Engineer for BP Andrew topside control system, working in Middlesbrough and offshore.


Back to being a Software Engineer I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer, From memory I think business cards were all the rage in the company and I received business cards with my name and job title on them.


I progressed from Senior Engineer to Team Leader to Lead Engineer, and latterly to Principal Engineer.  The last 3 were much and much the same just a different grade and standing in the company.



I spent a number of years trying to persuade my manager to change my title from Software Engineer to Systems Engineer, as the reality of what I was doing was more related to the design and implementation of topside control systems than it was of software.  It didn't happen though as I was not in charge...


I have had a number of non work related titles also. I have been Community Councillor for Foveran Community Council, I have been Secretary for the Hill of Fiddes Wind Turbine fund, oh and I guess Marshall for the Aberdeen and District Motor Club.


So yea I have had a plenty of titles over the years.  Normally given by someone or a company.


Now I am starting my own business I need to give myself a title and this time I get to choose.  I need something cool on my new business cards.


What title should I give myself? 


Should I call myself CEO or should I make up my own new title that relates to my work like Director of Awesomeness.


Is it silly for the owner of a one person company to use the title CEO?  I guess as its my company and an exciting new project it may change as I grow.  So for now however pompous it may seem Im going to be CEO of my own company.


>> So thats 21 different titles above I can count...